May 17

Charity first anniversary

logoThe 17th May 2017 sees the first anniversary of the formation of the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group, the Charitable Incorporated Organisation formed to carry out the business of overseeing the rebuild, to flight, of Hawker Typhoon MkIb, RB396. Do not however, be fooled into thinking that the project is only one year old, far from it. Dave Robinson has been researching the Typhoon for almost 18 years, first as a hobby, and more recently this has ballooned into a full scale rebuild project. Support has grown exponentially since the project made its way onto social media in early 2015, first with Facebook, then Twitter and more recently, Instagram. The first year, post charity formation, has been incredibly busy, with all members of the team working round the clock and the team expanding and taking on new members too. So, what has happened in that year?

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May 01

RB396 48th scale build

RB396 48th Build headlineRichard Spreckley, of Mancave models, is building us a 1:48 scale model of RB396 along side all his other custom work. This model will come with us to shows across the country and act as an illustration of what RB396 would have looked like around the time of her final flight. There are no photos known to exist of RB396 so many, many hours of research has gone in to trying to establish exactly how her paint scheme would have looked; this is something we are still working on.

This build is now complete, see for yourself how she looks…

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Apr 29

Air Show Stand

RB396 Show stand 2Saturday 29th April, 2017, saw the very first outing for the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group air show stand. The project decided on the Radial & Trainer Aircraft Fly In, which formed part of the Wings & Wheels event at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airfield as the ideal one to ‘trial run’ the stand. The event was perfect to test the stand, get to grips with the internal layout, the amount and type of merchandise available, not to mention the logistics of everything on a show day. The event was also used as a meet and greet for those members of the Supporters’ Club who have expressed an interest in helping to man the stand and be the face of the project across the coming air show season. It was a great opportunity to see these members, some of whom we were meeting for the first time. The whole team are all now looking forward to a busy year getting out and about at UK air shows.

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Apr 12

First major donation

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 13.13.47The project is extremely pleased to have received our first major donation. The donation was received from “Ebeni” who provide Dynamic & innovative engineering solutions for Safety Critical Systems. The donation comes after TECT Chairman, Alex Wood, who has been in regular contact with the project recommended us to Ebeni, his new employer now that he has left the RAF. Ebeni run a scheme whereby they donate a proportion of their profit to charity and ask their employees for recommendations. We were lucky enough to be chosen by Ebeni and as such have received this, our first four figure donation. We are extremely grateful to Ebeni and to Alex Wood for facilitating the donation.

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Apr 06


This season we are hoping to spread the word of the project at air shows around the country. We have our show stand ready, stock ordered, volunteers lined up and we’re all set to go. But, we need some transport to get everything to the shows. We have already approached the major makes to enquire about sponsorship, but they have not been forthcoming, so….

VW vanWe would like to open this up, to see if any one (or more) of our followers is in a position, or knows someone who is in a position, to either donate, sponsor or give a really good deal on a LWB van, something along the lines of the size of what is pictured.



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Apr 01

RB’s last flight anniversary

On this day 72 years ago F/L C.W (Chris) House took XP-W, RB396, for her final flight. After being hit by flak he made a successful wheels up landing in the Netherlands and spent the next 4 days evading and made his way back to allied lines.

LogbookRB was in store with 51MU, RAF Lichfield, when readied for squadron service. On the 9th December 1944 ATA pilot Anna Leska-Daab delivered RB396 from Lichfield to Westhampnett (Goodwood), a 40 minute flight. We were lucky enough to be sent a link to her log book showing RB’s first official flight for the RAF.





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Mar 27

Minor setback

The project was dealt a blow this afternoon. We received a phone call from the Estate Agent regarding the commercial property that we were hoping to move in to very soon. We are/were three weeks into the legal proceedings, yet today we were informed that the landlord has “done a deal” with a tenant of his, who rents the adjacent unit.

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Feb 19

Official Engine Unveiling

Sunday 19th February saw the official unveiling of the Napier Sabre engine acquired by the project that will go on to power RB396’s return to flight. On a smaller scale than our project launch event held in October 2016, but at the same location – Boultbee Flight Academy’s exquisite facility based at Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex. Places were limited at this Supporters’ Club Members only event and safe to say the fifty guests who managed to secure a place were all very happy to be there.

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Jan 29

Napier Sabre Engine Secured

Napier Sabre IIa destined for RB396


Working closely with Cranfield University, the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group (HTPG) are delighted to announce the securing of a Napier Sabre IIa aero engine, serial number 2484, for use in the restoration of Hawker Typhoon MKIb RB396 to flight. There are only a small number of Napier Sabre engines remaining around the world that could be restored and it is believed that this example has only ever been used as a teaching aid making it the perfect power plant for rebuild and returning RB396 to flight.

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Jan 01

New Year Message


As we move forward into 2017 the team here would like to say a huge thank you to all our followers, particularly to those who have taken the step of joining our Supporters’ Club.

2016 was a momentous year for the project, we successfully made the leap into the ‘public eye’ with our Launch Event hosted at the Boultbee Flight Academy on 29 Oct 2016. This was only possible due to the years of hard work put in by the project founder, and in more recent years by the two other founding trustees.


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