At present the core team consists of two founding trustees, they are both volunteers, working on RB purely in their own spare time and around their full time jobs. Dave and Sam share a common dream and they each approach the project from a different angle, bringing with them their own skill set and balanced viewpoint. As the trustees of the charity is their responsibility to maintain the drive to meet the goals set out in the Charity Constitution.

Since the Launch Event at the end of October 2016 there are now many more volunteers actively working on the project. Primarily around roles relating to the project’s presence at air shows across the country, which take a huge amount of work in the organisation before hand, the execution of each show itself and the reorganising of stock etc after an event. With a busy season, all volunteers have been working hard, but there are many more arms to the project than just its presence at shows.

With the move to the new home, comes a range of other tasks and jobs to be done. These range from the logistics of moving the collection from all over the country, to setting up the unit as a base, to volunteering at the centre when it is finally open for “business”. The project is built on its team, and if you are interested in getting involved on another level, then the first step is to join the Supporters’ Club, as all opportunities are opened up to members first.


Dave Robinson

Dave is from a small town very near to RAF Lichfield in Staffordshire and as a result of this, and a father who had an interest in flying, has had a lifelong interest in aircraft. A career in computers has allowed him to develop his project management and networking skills which are used to drive …

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Sam Worthington-Leese

Sam began his flying career in 2006 on gliders before being selected to join the RAF as a Pilot in 2009. Unfortunately as a result of the 2010 Defence Review he left the service in 2012. However, this has been a blessing in disguise as it has allowed him to focus on his ambition of …

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Richard & Suzie Spreckley

Rich and Suzie are based in West Sussex. Rich is a serving Police Officer and has just retired from the Army Reserves, having completed a tour in Afghanistan in 2010. He has a passion for military history and aviation. He enjoys his hobby of scale modelling and specialises in military aircraft.   Suzie also works …

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