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Scotland Typhoon Recoveries (April 2016)

Hawker Typhoon JR439.  Dumfries, Scotland, UK.

The group had been seeking legal permission to recover Typhoons from Scotland for some time, however in early 2016 we had information that parts from Typhoon crash sites were possibly about to be illegally removed and our hand was forced into action.

By April all the necessary paperwork was in place, Jonathan and Dave headed up to recover the remains of JR439 in rather wet conditions.  This aircraft was piloted by P/O Kenneth Mitchell and his story can be read by clicking here.

JR439 provides us with missing information from the wing and tail plane to fuselage joints, these drawings are missing from the archive so the parts will be reverse engineered from the wreckage.  It was emotionally hard to remove parts from around the memorial cairn but the threat of the loss of these artifacts was too great.  They are also in ever decreasing condition and with the promise of a Typhoon memorial centre set up by the Charity in the future, these remains can be preserved and shown to a greater number of people than this remote location.



Hawker Typhoon MN532.  Muirkirk, Scotland, UK.

The following day the group were also able to recover parts from the crash of MN532.  The journey involved a trek through a maze of forest tracks before a 1km climb up Stoney Hill.  Again the wreakage was extremely useful for the wing joints to the fuselage as well as other items that were fast degrading on the exposed hillside.  We were kindly accompanied by the land owner, his son (and dog) and it took two exhausting journeys over rough terrain carry the parts down off the hillside with time spent inbetween to rest and take in the wonderful Scottish scenery.

MN532 was piloted by F/O Robert Bellis and as before his story can be read about by clicking here.  The recovered parts will be on permanent display in the heritage centre the group intends to build to honor the aircraft and the extraordinary men who flew them.


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