How to Help

You can help us return RB396 to its rightful place in the following ways :


  1. Join the Supporters’ Club.
    An Annual or Lifetime subscription entitles you or your family to a variety of benefits and exclusive information regarding the project. It also helps us raise the funds necessary to achieve our objectives. This is your chance to have a direct impact on the most important aircraft restoration in the UK today and to be part of something truly unique.
  2. Volunteer.
    A project of this scale, which is continuing to grow, always needs people to volunteer and there are a number of roles where you can assist and be a part of the effort. Importantly, all volunteers are recruited from within the Supporters’ Club, that is one of the Member benefits, and every volunteer currently with us, is firstly a member of the club.

    1. The most important part of this project is the people. Without them, it couldn’t be done. By joining the Supporters’ Club and then volunteering your time, you will be directly assisting the most exciting Warbird restoration in the World.
  3. Make a Donation.
    The cost of rebuilding RB396 and the engines to power it will be significant and be in the region of £5 million. This may sound like a daunting figure but we take our inspiration from the story of this amazing aircraft and the men who flew it. Being a charity, we can also claim ‘Gift Aid’ from the Government (an extra 25% on your donation) – this all goes a long way to help. With every donation, no matter how large or small RB gets closer to being back in the skies. If every one of our followers and supporters on Social Media were to donate just £2 every month, then that would see the £5 million target exceeded in just over 4 years – something to think about.
  4. Buy Merchandise.
    Buying items in the shop grants generates vital funds to put back into the project whilst giving you something tangible. It also helps that our merchandise is unique, looks great and it helps to spread the word.
  5. Donate parts.
    If you know about, or perhaps you have genuine Typhoon parts, please Contact Us. We may already know about certain parts but it is surprising how much is out there that we are not aware of. In particular we are looking for any information about the wings and the tail area. Any leads or parts could be crucial to restoring this amazing aircraft to the skies and of course we can return any parts once we have the engineering information. It is our long term goal to establish a Heritage Centre dedicated to the story of the Typhoon and her crews, so, if you have anything that you feel would be suitable to be put on display there, please let us know.
  6. Spread the word.
    Never underestimate the power that “word of mouth” carries, it has been the largest contributing factor to date. If you like what you see, please tell others and share the story.
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