Links & Supporters

The organisations and people below have all helped to get RB to where she is today. All the people listed below have joined the Supporters’ Club, and along with the organisations they are directly helping with the rebuild of RB396. Thank you to everyone for their continued support, if you would like to see your name below, please consider joining the Supporters’ Club.


Supporters’ Club

Joining the Supporters’ Club is one of the best ways to help restore Hawker Typhoon RB396 and return her to the skies where she belongs. Your Annual or Lifetime subscription entitles you to all the benefits shown but also helps us raise the funds necessary to achieve that objective. This is your chance to have …

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Member Events

RB396 SUPPORTERS’ CLUB MEMBER EVENTS   One of the benefits of joining the Supporters’ Club, is the opportunity to attend the member events. The events range from simple museum visits, to more extensive tours, or even VIP behind the scenes events. In planning these we are attempting to spread them across the country and to give …

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Friends of RB396

List of organisations, companies and groups who have assisted us in our quest to return RB to the sky. Please visit their sites, as mutual support is what drives all these projects forward. Jon Griffin from Listed Building Creations built the fuselage cradles that RB is sitting in at the moment, supplied a van and …

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