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One of the benefits of joining the Supporters’ Club, is the opportunity to attend the member events. The events range from simple museum visits, to more extensive tours, or even VIP behind the scenes events. In planning these we are attempting to spread them across the country and to give as wide a range of events as possible. The Supporters’ Club was established in October 2016 and as the membership base grows it is our  plan to hold more events, that may also be able to grow in size, and maybe in the future even venture abroad to visit some Typhoon sites in Normandy and beyond.

These events are open to ALL members of the RB396 Supporters’ Club, we are endeavouring to keep the events free to attend but some may require a small charge or donation to cover extra costs such as food/guided tours etc. They have been negotiated on behalf of the project and as such will be more extensive than a general visit to that particular location. Some tours may have limited spaces, or may only be able to go ahead if certain numbers can be attained. To find out more about each event, or to reserve your space(s) please contact richard@hawkertyphoon.com stating:

  • your full name
  • membership number (if you have received it)
  • event(s) wishing to attend



The 2018 event calendar is still being planned, but it will include a number of special museum tours, plus, we hope to hold a very special RAF Westhampnett “day”. The day is hoped to include the chance to fly with Trustee Sam in the Harvard, and also passenger rides in a 1943 D-Day Stinson. Then as the sun sets, the airfield tour with Mark Hillier. We are still planning everything and members will be informed of the details and possible dates via the newsletter.

The 2017 events were a great success, not only were they something a bit special for members, but also a good chance for the new club to get together and get to know each other.


On Friday 19th May visited the BBMF hangar at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire. The “down the middle” tour is something normally reserved for serving personnel and their families and as such, we were in a very privileged position to be have been offered this tour. For this tour there was a small charge of £25pp and that also included food before commencing the tour.


These photos show some of what we got up to that day. We were also lucky enough to be shown around a “new” Typhoon, courtesy of a friend of Sam’s who was on 29sqn at the time, the Typhoon OCU.

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A small group of members met up at the lovely museum at the former site of RAF Tangmere. The station is steeped in Typhoon history, and everyone had a great time, even managing to sit in the cockpits of some of the aircraft there, including the Harrier.





On Wednesday 16th August 2017 military historian and author, Mark Hillier, offered his services to give us a “then and now” guided tour of RAF Westhampnett, now known as Goodwood Aerodrome, in West Sussex. “Westy” as the airfield used to be known during wartime was home to the first operation Typhoon squadron and at its peak was home to three Typhoon squadrons, one of those being 184 sqn of which project trustee Sam’s Grandfather was a member, completing his last flight from there on 21 May 44. Mark’s tours are exceptional, he prepared a number of “then” photographs and over the course of a couple of hours walked us round the entire perimeter of the airfield, lining up those photographs with the features that still remain, whilst giving an in depth insight into the history behind them. The tour was delightful, and we hope to be running it again in 2018 with a special members day at the airfield beforehand.



Saturday 18th November 2017 saw some members head north to Cosford for a guided tour of the RAF Museum’s ‘other’ location. This event will featured a guided tour and also as luck would have it, the stores were open on the same day, so members took advantage of that unique opportunity.


The 29th October was the first “open day” at the project’s new home in Uckfield, East Sussex. Details were sent out via the newsletter, which all members receive quarterly This event was exactly one year on from our launch event of the same date last year. This event was strictly members only and numbers limited as the unit is a certain size. We were lucky enough to have three Typhoon veteran pilots in attendance, as well as a ground crew member. The day featured a welcome address from the trustees, a silent auction, raffle, merchandise on sale and most importantly, it was an opportunity for members to see our new base for the first time.

This event was members only, as a way of saying “thank you” to the Supporters’ Club members, without whom this next step in the progression of the project would not be possible.


We are having many more Open Days in 2018, one per month. The April and October events will be Supporters’ Club members only, whilst all others will be open to all.


The air shows we attended in 2017 are below, we are currently working out our schedule for 2018, but it will feature more shows than we did last year!

May 27th/28th – Duxford

June 11th – Cosford

June 24th/25th – Bicester

July 7th/8th/9th – Flying Legends, Duxford Napier Sabre

July 14th/15th/16th – RIAT, Fairford – Napier Sabre

August 5th – East Kirkby

August 26th/27th – Dunsfold

September 9th/10th – Scampton

September – 23rd/24th – Duxford – Napier Sabre

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