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At present the core team consists of two founding trustees, they are both volunteers, working on RB purely in their own spare time and around their full time jobs. Dave and Sam share a common dream and they each approach the project from a different angle, bringing with them their own skill set and balanced viewpoint. As the trustees of the charity is their responsibility to maintain the drive to meet the goals set out in the Charity Constitution.

Since the Launch Event at the end of October 2016 there are now many more volunteers actively working on the project. Primarily around roles relating to the project’s presence at air shows across the country, as well as the day to day running and administration of the Supporters’ Club, online shop and the base in Uckfield, East Sussex, all of which require a great deal of time and effort.

In 2018 there are an increasing number of dedicated members of the Supporters’ Club who are assisting in earnest with the development of the project. We are currently working on profiles for them, and they will be added here in due course, as workload permits. You will then be able to put a face to a name when attending any of our events, or when you see us at air shows etc.

The project is built on its team, and if you are interested in getting involved on another level, then the first step is to join the Supporters’ Club, as all opportunities are opened up to members first.

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