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Dave Robinson -Trustee

Dave is from a small town very near to RAF Lichfield in Staffordshire and as a result of this, and a father who had an interest in flying, has had a lifelong interest in aircraft. A career in computers has allowed him to develop his project management and networking skills which are used to drive RB396 forward.

During the process of cataloguing surviving parts Dave managed to recover RB396’s fuselage from Holland, the only confirmed surviving combat veteran. Realising that a complete aircraft was not within his reach (financially) and after meeting Sam it was decided the only way this could ever been completed was to form a Charity for RB with the goal of getting her in the air.

Dave’s focus is on the research and gathering of surviving parts and co-ordinating the rebuild effort. There are many areas of the airframe where the detail is unknown, all the parts survive around Europe so this could be a full time job before putting the co-ordination in the mix.

“We will never forget the Typhoon crews, their unique aircraft, the sacrifices they made and the contribution they made so we can all enjoy our freedom.”

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