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Since the Launch Event at the end of October 2016 there are now many more Volunteers actively working on the project.  All of our Volunteers give generously of their time in various roles throughout the project.  These roles cover the primary responsibilities around the day to day running and administration of the Project, Supporters’ Club, online shop and the base in Uckfield, East Sussex.  Our Volunteers are also heavily involved in the research required to return RB396 skies and the recovery of items through the UK and Europe.

Throughout 2018 there were an increasing number of dedicated members of the Supporters’ Club who are assisting in earnest with the development of the project.  From assisting behinds the scenes, to the public facing work at Airshows around the country, the Project lives and grows with the dedication of our volunteers.

The Volunteer profiles that are posted here are in the words of the Volunteers themselves.  They describe why they were drawn to the project and what it is they do for the project.  These are tales of long but rewarding hours, all with the goal of seeing that rarest of sights, a flying Hawker Typhoon.

The Project is built on its team.  If you are interested in getting involved on any level, then the first step is to join the Supporters Club, as all opportunities are opened up to members first.

We thank you for your support and hope you are able to join the team!

Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts

In my local, Graham the barman said, “Have you heard about the project to restore a WWII Typhoon?”  This got me thinking about my Dad, David “Bob” Roberts, who was an RAF Typhoon engine fitter during the war.  Whilst I had some of his stories, I didn’t have all full details, which I was then able to …

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pinkie stark

Mark Collier

Sometime in 1978, I was talking with ‘Pinkie’ Stark over a cup of tea and I clearly remember agreeing with him, “that to see a Hawker Typhoon flying would be a wonderful sight and sound”.  As an aerospace engineer in training, and with ‘Pinkie’ being the Airport Manager at Rochester, Kent, we would visit him …

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