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Nick Adlam – Membership Secretary

Nick AdlamNick Adlam has always had a strong interest in aircraft and aviation from a young age and took his first flight in an RAF Bulldog when he was 12 years old whilst as a member of the Air Training Corps. He learnt to fly on Southampton University Air Squadron on the Grob Tutor and subsequently went on to enjoy a flying scholarship before joining the Royal Air Force as a trainee pilot in 2009. Unfortunately, in 2010 the government carried out a Strategic Defence and Security Review resulting in the redundancy of approximately 200 trainee pilots. Nick was caught in this but undeterred, went on to gain a private pilots licence at RAF Cranwell before joining British Airways as a cadet pilot in 2012.

Now a captain on the Airbus A320, Nick is currently training as a flight instructor in his spare time and is always looking to fly vintage aircraft. He joined the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group back in 2016 having been on the same RAF squadron as trustee Samuel Worthington-Leese and has performed a variety of roles at the charity over the past few years. Nick has a strong passion for single-engine piston fighters, and Second World War history and cannot wait for such an important aircraft as RB396 to take to the skies once more.

Nick is currently the Membership Secretary for the RB396 Supporters’ Club.

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