2020 Year Raffle


Purchase a ticket to our “year raffle”, with five great prizes on offer and all proceeds going to the rebuild effort, which now, more than ever requires fundraising.

The raffle was launched in April, and will run until the 25th October 2020, when the draw will be made via random selection. The following prizes will be award in the order drawn.

  • 1st prize = Spitfire flight
  • 2nd prize = Taxy ride experience in a Lancaster Bomber
  • 3rd prize = Limited edition project watch, no. 245
  • 4th prize = Family membership to the Lifetime Supporters’ Club
  • 5th prize = Limited edition, veteran signed, Project Baseball Cap

The 2020 Annual raffle is promoted by Mr D Robinson of the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group Registered UK Charity No. 1167143 Unit 10, Ridgewood Industrial Estate, Uckfield TN22 5QE. The Lottery is registered with Wealden District Council.  Tickets are sold subject to the Terms and Conditions below which you should read before entering.


Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group would like to thank those who have contributed prizes.

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Terms and Conditions
1 The 2020 Annual Raffle (raffle) is operated by the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group (HTPG) Registered UK Charity No. 1167143 of Unit 10, New Road, Ridgewood Industrial Estate, Uckfield TN22 5QE. The lottery is registered with Wealden District council as a small society lottery. The person responsible at the HTPG for the promotion of the raffle is Mr D Robinson Trustee.

Tickets are sold subject to these Terms and Conditions.

2 Entry Conditions
2.1 To be eligible to purchase a ticket to enter the raffle, a person must be

  1. 18 years or over
  2. Tickets may not be bought on behalf of someone under 18
  3. Located in Great Britain (please note this excludes Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Mann.)
  4. A valid email address must be provided at the time of entry or entry may be void.
  5. Comply with these Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a ticket you confirm that you meet the above criteria.

2.2 If anyone ineligible is found to have won a prize they will forfeit it and their funds for the tickets purchased returned to them. Questions over eligibility will be at the trustees discretion and no correspondence will be entered in to.
3 The raffle
3.1 Participation in the raffle costs £5 per ticket. One ticket is one entry to the draw.
3.2 Payment must be made in advance by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. The ticket will only be entered into the draw once valid funds have been received by the HTPG. Payments cannot be made from Charity Aid Foundation (CAF). Any payment received from a CAF account or payments received after the draw will be treated as a donation to the HTPG.
3.3 HTPG accepts no responsibility for tickets which are lost, damaged, illegible or for any event which may cause the raffle to be disrupted or corrupted.
4 The draw
4.1 The raffle will be drawn on the 25th October 2020 at the address of the HTPG above.
4.2 The tickets will be drawn at random and the sequence of draw will determine the prize won

  1. First ticket – Flight in a Spitfire
  2. Second ticket – Taxi Ride Experience in a Lancaster Bomber
  3. Third ticket – Limited edition Project Watch no 245
  4. Fourth ticket – Lifetime Family Membership of the Supporters’ Club
  5. Fifth ticket – Limited edition, Veteran signed, Project Baseball Cap.

Prizes which involve a physical item will be sent as second class post unless the winner requests and pays the difference for a higher level of service. Publicity pictures are illustrative and the experience or product may differ but not materially.

4.3 The result of the draw is final and no correspondence will be entered in to.
4.4 Winners will be notified no later than 3 weeks after the draw date by email, post or telephone. In the event that after reasonable efforts have been made the winner of a prize cannot be contacted the prize will be treated as HTPG sees fit, including being used in a future raffle.
4.5 Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or alternatives of the same value or sold to third parties. If a prize is unavailable at the time of the draw, it will be replaced with a prize of equal, or greater, value.
5 The prizes
5.1 The prizes may have restrictions of age, mobility, weight etc in entering the raffle you confirm you are aware and can achieve these restrictions. HTPG accepts no responsibility if the attached extracts of the terms and conditions are incorrect or have changed.
5.2 Non cash prizes are subject to the suppliers terms and conditions and any complaint about performance should be directed to them.
5.3 Additional costs involved in the acceptance of the prize such as but not limited to travel, accommodation, insurance are the responsibility of the winner.
5.4 The prizes may involve risks to the participant. HTPG, its trustees and volunteers accept no responsibility or liability for the consequences of participating in the prize. The winner is responsible for ensuring their life insurance is valid and if not making appropriate arrangements.
5.5 Aerial Collective Terms and Conditions (Spitfire Flight) at March 2020 state:

  1. The prize is a single flight in a Spitfire TrIX at IWM Duxford, Cambridgeshire, for one person.
  2. The flight voucher will be valid for ONE YEAR from the date of the draw and excludes air show and event weekends.
  3. The prize includes entry for two people (participant plus a guest) to IWM Duxford on the confirmed date.
  4. Dates and time must be booked and confirmed with Aerial Collective at least two weeks in advance and are subject to availability. Details of how to book will be in the winner’s email.
  5. Flights are subject to availability and weather conditions. A cancelled flight will be rebooked but we will not be able to refund costs incurred by the winner as a result of rebooking.
  6. The prize must be taken by the winner in person unless otherwise agreed in writing by Aerial Collective. Details of how to claim the prize will be included in the winner’s email, including how to transfer the voucher to a named person.
  7. The flight is subject to a minimum age of 18 years, a maximum height of 6ft 2” (188cm) and a maximum weight of 230lbs (105kg) The winner will be weighed and measured on the day to ensure they are safe to fly. Aerial Collective will not be held responsible for the prize winner and/or their guests (where applicable) not taking advantage of their prize due to health or any other reason.
  8. Flight vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or resold. Any attempt to sell, exchange the prize will result in the prize being withdrawn by Aerial Collective and the prize will be declared null and void.
  9. For definitive terms and conditions please see the Aerial Collective website at www.aerialcollective.co.uk
5.3 Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre Terms and Conditions at March 2020 state

Lancaster Taxy ride Terms and conditions

– Taxy riders must be able to board the Lancaster without any assistance and be able to exit the aircraft quickly should there be an emergency, without any assistance.

– Access to the Lancaster is by five steps with a hand rail.  Riders have to be able to climb over a variety of obstacles including the main spar which is 30inches high and 14 inches deep.  There is a step up to this of 12 inches. The head space to climb over the spar in is 30 inches high and 32 inches wide. This area is an arc and the measurements are to the widest and highest points

– Without being able to cross the main spar the rider would not be able to access the W/OP, Navigator, cockpit or nose areas of the aircraft.  One of our 2 emergency exits is in the front of the aircraft and so it is important that the riders can cross the main spar in case the other exit cannot be used.  The emergency escape route from the front and rear of the aircraft is by ladder and so riders must be able to use a ladder without assistance.

-Anyone undertaking the Lancaster taxy ride experience must be able to hear and follow verbal and visual instructions in noisy surroundings.  This experience may not be suitable for anyone who has visual or hearing impairments or disabilities affecting mobility, concentration, dexterity and co-ordination.  If you require the use of a mobility scooter or a walking aid of any description for normal daily activities, then please consider whether you will be able to take part in this experience as walking sticks etc cannot be used in the aircraft due to the uneven walkway. Anyone who suffers from severe claustrophobia may find the Lancaster too enclosed.

– If we deem the rider unable to move around the aircraft with enough ease and sufficient speed to such an extent that they may put themselves and others at risk during an emergency then sadly it would not be possible for them to take part in the taxy ride.  If this decision is made by the Centre upon the customers arrival then no refund will be given. We will permit you to transfer the place to someone else, under the same booking conditions but you must advise us of the details immediately they are known.

– In the case of a “date to be arranged” voucher the voucher must be redeemed before it expires.  Expired vouchers will no longer be redeemable.

For definitive terms and conditions and Cancellation policy please see the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage website at https://www.lincsaviation.co.uk

5.4 By entering this raffle you agree, if you win a prize, to your name being published on the website, internet, paper documents etc and to the promotional efforts surrounding a prize win. A prize winner also agrees their details can be passed to the suppliers of prizes.
6 Law
The raffle is subject to English Law.


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