Donate Labour Time for RB396’s Fuselage Rebuild


How would you like to accelerate the rebuild of RB396’s fuselage? By donating directly towards to the labour costs of the Airframe Assemblies team you can do just that.

All the main elements of RB396 have been received and were being cut and drilled prior to final assembly of the rear fuselage before work was paused. By donating towards the labour time of Airframe Assemblies’ fully licenced engineers, your donation enables these final stages to move ahead as quickly as possible.

You can pay for as many hours as you like, from a full week to a day, a few hours or even a round of tea for the team. For donations of 0.5 hours and above you will receive a personalised certificate to commemorate your contribution at this vital stage of RB396’s rebuild. If you are a UK taxpayer you can gift aid your purchase at the cart to increase the labour time you have paid for by 25%.

If you would like to buy a number of hours each month or quarter, please email the shop team with your name and the amount you would like to contribute at [email protected]. The team will then discuss with you the details of how to set up your regular payment.

Select the number of labour hours you want to pay for below and checkout. All donated hours pay for a licensed Airframe Assemblies engineer to dedicate time to RB396. Any excess funds raised will be used on the next section of the rebuild.

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Number of Hours

35 Hours, 17 Hours, 7 Hours, 4 Hours, 3 Hours, 2 Hours, 1 Hour, 0.5 Hour, Get The Tea In!

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