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The Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group is delighted to have partnered with the world-renowned Aces High Gallery to offer our supporters a range of fine aviation art. As part of the partnership, a percentage of each sale will go directly to support Hawker Typhoon RB396’s return to the skies.

In the months following D-Day, Hawker’s hard-hitting, snub-nosed Typhoon struck terror into the German formations in Normandy, crack Panzer units wilted under the constant hail of rockets and bombs. Several times a day the Typhoon pilots would cross the Channel to run the gauntlet of flak and ground fire, and deliver their lethal cargo.

As another fine summer day begins, Typhoon MkIb’s of 247 Squadron are en-route to the Normandy battlefront, the first of several missions that day. Skimming at mast-top height, the Typhoons pass over two ancient steam drifters, conscripted into the wartime role of patrolling the Channel and, should the need arise, rescuing any downed aircrew in need of help.


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Media: Lithograph
Size: 27.375 x 23.25 inches
Release Date: 11/2008

Editions that feature original and unique artwork, such as Remarque, Tribute and matted editions, are specifically hand-crafted to order. As a result, our normal delivery policies do not apply to these items but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as your drawing is complete. If you have any particular request for your remarque drawing – such as specific aircraft markings – please ask when placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate.

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Typhoons Outward Bound

Limited Edition, Remarques, Double Remarque

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