21st March 1945

At long last, the day has come! After multiple practice pack ups at B.80 Goch Frank Johnson notes a 20-minute flight in RB396 stating:

“Into Germany at last! We are first wing to operate from German soil.”

A rocketed-up Typhoon at dispersal at B.100 Goch, c.March 1945 © Dr. Albreghts

121 Wing left B.80 at Volkel over the 21st and 22nd March. Frank and RB396 with part of ‘A’ Party of 174 Squadron, the first half of 174 Squadron to move to B.100 at Goch, Germany. They would be joined by 143 Wing RCAF on the 29th March. 174 Squadron’s ORB Summary notes that:

“‘A’ Party moved off to the Third Reich. Pilots flew over in the later afternoon. All arrived safely and commenced erecting tents. A glorious sunny day and everything went according to plan.”

On the 22nd March, the rest of 174 arrive in Germany. RB396 and Plt Off Frank Johnson would carry out a 40-minute sector patrol covering the squadron’s move. The Squadron Summary noting the conditions of their new home:

“‘B’ Party arrives in Germany. Everyone soon bedded down. Another fine day. The airfield is delightful, with firm turf for the strips and domestic sites in dispersals surrounded by fir trees.”

RB396 would only be based at B.100 Goch for less than two weeks. Frank Johnson would only have a further week on operations. This coming period would be intense with 174 Squadron now on the very front line with Operations Plunder and Varsity imminent.


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