The project

The Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group (HTPG) is a charitable organisation, run entirely by volunteers, and exists to raise the funds required to rebuild Hawker Typhoon MkIb, RB396, as the lasting legacy of all those who played a part in the Typhoon’s history deserve.

Projected costs

The funds required to return this aircraft to flight are considerable.

  • Fuselage monocoque £400,000
  • Cockpit £500,000
  • Engine £750,000
  • Front End £450,000
  • Propeller and hub £500,000
  • Wings inc. undercarriage £1,500,000
  • Tail section, rudder and tail planes £250,000
  • Electrics, pneumatics, flying controls and instrumentation £500,000
  • Final assembly £650,000
  • Total £5,500,000
  • Extras, contingencies and unknowns £1,000,000
  • Total estimated cost £5,500,000 - £6,500,000

The full history of RB396

During the early days of the project, the only history the team were able to confirm was the delivery to 51 Maintenance Unit (RAF Lichfield) on 23rd November 1944 and the subsequent forced landing on 1st April 1945 by Flight Lieutenant Chris House. With the help of historians, authors, family members and museum archives over the last few years, research has been able to fill in the gaps and complete much of RB396’s history.

Hawker Typhoon RB396 was ordered under contract number 943 which comprised of the following allocated serials: RB192-235, RB248-289, RB303-347, RB361-408, RB423-459, RB474-512.


The pilot profiles in this area are of the men and women who flew the Typhoon and the unique perspective they bring.  A number of the pilot’s aircraft have been recovered and will help to make RB396’s return to the skies possible.

Timeline of RB396