5th March 1945

The weather closed in at B.80 Volkel. Despite this 174 Squadron, including Plt Off Frank Johnson and RB396, got airborne for an Armed Reconnaissance but had to return after 30 minutes. Frank and RB396 would go up for a practice flight that afternoon, but no further operations were carried out. The weather break allowed for 174 Squadron to get all their new pilots operational.

A Hawker Typhoon Mark IB of 439 Squadron RCAF taxis through a water splash at B78 Eindhoven while leaving its dispersal loaded with two 1000lb bombs for an attack on a rail target behind the German lines. Image © IWM CL 1961

The weather would curtail operations for the next few days, but 174 Squadron would be back in action on the 7th March with RB396 and Frank Johnson flying the sortie.


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