Mar 15

Hawker Tempest JN768 Collection Gallery


On the 9th March 2019, the Team headed out to ‘somewhere in Essex’ to collect the majority of the JN768 Tempest Project. A van, a trailer and numerous cars collected where needed to pack up the assets of the project and transport it all down to Project HQ in Uckfield. The cockpit section will be collected later. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 04

Hawker Tempest JN768 Acquisition

2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for the project and the next few weeks especially so. At the Autumn Members’ Day in 2018, we launched a new fundraiser and set an initial target of £50,000. We would like to thank all of the members who were able to contribute to this call.  With the proceeds of the fundraiser, we are delighted to be able to announce that the funds raised to date have allowed the project to purchase outright the remainder of the JN768 Tempest Project.

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Feb 01

First Event for 2019 Announced

Clare Mulley

The Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group are very proud to welcome Clare Mulley to our Uckfield base on Thursday 28th February 2018.

Clare Mulley is the award-winning author of the books The Woman Who Saved the Children (won the Daily Mail Biographers’ Club Prize), The Spy Who Loved (now optioned by Universal Studios and led to Clare being decorated with Poland’s national honour of the Bene Merito) and the most recent, The Women Who Flew for Hitler. This is a dual biography of two extraordinary women at the heart of the Third Reich, but who ended their lives on opposite sides of history.

A regular contributor to TV and radio, Clare recently gave a TEDx talk at Stormont, wrote this year’s BBC Reith Lecture quiz and lectures in London and Paris on wartime female special agents. She also reviews non-fiction for the Telegraph, Spectator and History Today. Clare was chair of the judges for the Historical Writers Association 2017 Non-Fiction Prize and has recently become an honorary patron of the Wimpole History Festival.

Doors for the evening will open at 18:15 with Clare taking the stage from 19:00 with the Q&A to follow. Non-alcoholic drinks will be available on the night.

Clare has kindly offered to do a book signing at the end of the evening. Copies of her books will be available to purchase on the night.

81Dfm-0riSLThe Women Who Flew for Hitler (Macmillan, 2017)

The Women Who Flew for Hitler tells the extraordinary story of the only two female test pilots who served Nazi Germany, yet who ended their lives on opposite sides of history. Brilliant pilot Hanna Reitsch was the world’s first woman to fly a helicopter, and later tested rocket planes, and a manned version of the V1 flying bomb or doodlebug missile. A fanatical Nazi, in the last days of the war she begged Hitler to let her fly him to safety from Berlin. Her nemesis, Melitta von Stauffenberg, the test pilot for the Stuka dive bombers and exceptional aeronautical engineer, was part Jewish and secretly supported the most famous attempt on Hitler’s life.

Tickets for the event are priced at £6 for Members and £9 for Non-Members and can be purchased through the Eventbrite link below.

Jan 09

2019 Supporters’ Club Memberships Now Available

members image

The 2019 Supporters’ Club Memberships are now available on the webshop.  Why not make the most of the remaining 356 days of 2019 and take out an Annual or Lifetime membership to support the most important restoration in the world.

2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group.  With a full season of events and airshow attendances about to be announced, if you have not already joined the Supporters’ Club, now is the time!  The members of the Supporters’ Club are the first to hear about any project developments, events and are invited to our two exclusive Members’ Days.

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Oct 31

Aircraft Restoration Company selected to rebuild RB396.

Arco Logo 100_100
Following our special members only event on Sunday 28th October 2018 we have a very welcome, and exciting announcement that was made to those Supporters able to attend our Members’ Day, and subsequently relayed to our supporters through a special bulletin prior to this “public” announcement.
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Aug 15

Supporters’ Club 1000th member

The Supporters’ Club, which was launched on 29th October 2016, recently passed its 1,000th member. In less than two years, it is a huge achievement for the project, to have passed 1,000 total members. Since the launch event, in 2016, the Supporters’ Club has gone from strength to strength which is exactly what the project has done.

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Jul 31

July Open Day & BBQ

On Sunday 29th July the project held its summer Open Day. In typical british summertime weather, there was wall to wall sunshine for two weeks before the event, and the week after, only for the day of the event itself to marred with low cloud, strong winds and rain all day. Still, that didn’t stop the team turning out in force to ready the unit for the many guests who had shown their interest in attending. In addition to a “standard” Open Day, this time the team had organised for a BBQ to add to the summer feel, and it managed to run through the rain. The BBQ and lovely food that came with it, was put on by local events and catering company, “Ember Events”. There were absolutely no complaints and not one single left-over, so they will definitely be catering for the project again in the future.

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May 08

The build begins…

D124118_HTPG_Marked copyAt the recent members’ day on Sunday the 22nd April, in front of special guests George Wood and John Brockhurst, WWII Typhoon pilot and ground crew respectively, the trustees of the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group (HTPG) were pleased to announce to members of the Supporters’ Club that, since the founding of the charity in May 2016, fundraising targets have been sufficiently met in order to allow work to commence on the first section of RB396.

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Apr 15

RB396 limited edition wristwatch fully funded in just two days – there is still time to get yours

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 13.43.54Working in partnership with watchmaker RSC, the team here at the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group has designed this stunning limited edition wristwatch. In accordance with our pledge to members of our Supporters’ Club this watch was released to them, in advance of going on general sale, late on Thursday. In order for the watch to go into production, 50 out of the 396 available, must be sold. In just two days, the campaign has been fully funded, with 50 sold, meaning the watches will go into production. The watch is now available to pre-order, meaning you too can purchase one of these exclusive, limited edition wristwatches, with all profits going to the charity to assist with the rebuild effort.


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Apr 05

2018 Airshow Calendar


2017 saw our first year of Airshows following the public launch of the project in October 2016. It required a huge amount of background work to prepare for these event, which included the design and print of the stand, completion of relevant paperwork and then organising support from within the members to lend a hand on the days.

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