May 08

The build begins…

D124118_HTPG_Marked copyAt the recent members’ day on Sunday the 22nd April, in front of special guests George Wood and John Brockhurst, WWII Typhoon pilot and ground crew respectively, the trustees of the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group (HTPG) were pleased to announce to members of the Supporters’ Club that, since the founding of the charity in May 2016, fundraising targets have been sufficiently met in order to allow work to commence on the first section of RB396.

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Apr 15

RB396 limited edition wristwatch fully funded in just two days – there is still time to get yours

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 13.43.54Working in partnership with watchmaker RSC, the team here at the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group has designed this stunning limited edition wristwatch. In accordance with our pledge to members of our Supporters’ Club this watch was released to them, in advance of going on general sale, late on Thursday. In order for the watch to go into production, 50 out of the 396 available, must be sold. In just two days, the campaign has been fully funded, with 50 sold, meaning the watches will go into production. The watch is now available to pre-order, meaning you too can purchase one of these exclusive, limited edition wristwatches, with all profits going to the charity to assist with the rebuild effort.


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Apr 05

2018 Airshow Calendar


2017 saw our first year of Airshows following the public launch of the project in October 2016. It required a huge amount of background work to prepare for these event, which included the design and print of the stand, completion of relevant paperwork and then organising support from within the members to lend a hand on the days.

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Mar 27

March Open Day

open day overview 3

Sunday 25th March saw our third open day of 2018, the doors opened to allow anyone with an interest in the project to take advantage of an opportunity to see the recent developments. In addition to a raffle for a number of prizes, our merchandise on sale, a chance to join the Supporters’ Club we also had the first public opportunity to buy the limited edition print of ‘Sheila’ by award winning artist Neil Hipkiss.

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Mar 06

A short weekend trip

part collection

A quick weekend trip saw a large number of new items arrive at our home all of which will provide valuable engineering information to help us get RB396 in the air.


Dave Robinson (project founder and trustee) left home in Staffordshire at 2.30am on Saturday, shortly after the last of the snow fell, to rendezvous with Graham Green (air show event organiser and member) at Folkestone to catch the Eurotunnel to Calais. What followed was a whirlwind trek which took in 4 countries, 1200 miles and meeting with three dedicated groups who do fantastic work remembering the aircrews lost within their respective countries.

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Mar 03

February Open Day

tiffy open day 3

The last Sunday in the month of February saw the project’s doors opened again and around 50 people took advantage of this, making the journey to come and see the recent developments. Alongside the raffle and all merchandise on sale, it was also a chance for people to join the Supporters’ Club, which another eleven people chose to do on the day, joining the ranks of the 800 or so members of the club to date.

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Feb 24

Cockpit cosmetic work


The project has been invited to create a display for an upcoming RAF centenary themed livery dinner in central London, of particular interest was the tubular frame cockpit section and the cutaway Napier Sabre engine, donated by BAHAAT. The dinner is an excellent opportunity for the project to network with some very influential individuals, spreading the word about what is being done, and there is of course the chance that some funding may be secured or discussed. With this in mind, some of our dedicated volunteers have been carrying out a bit of work…

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Feb 15

Stunning Work…

David Gaspur 1A link was recently sent in by one of our members which featured a model diorama that have been built by David Gaspur in Canada. We were amazed with what we saw, some extremely intricate and painstaking work.

Our vision for RB and a Heritage Centre dedicated to the Typhoon and all the Designers, manufacturers, ground crews and pilots was forming just 2 years ago. After making the decision that we would complete RB to flight condition our thoughts moved to where she would be based and how she could be best used to teach a new generation, a heritage centre seemed the most logical step. However, as we were exploring our vision a talented modeller in Canada had set about re-creating it in 1/24 scale…

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Feb 09

Gift Aid Registration Achieved


We have now been accepted and registered for gift aid. Following submission of all the paperwork to the HMRC we received confirmation that we can now claim 25% on top of any membership or donation to the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group.

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Dec 31

New Year round up

The project has made huge strides this year, off the back of the incredibly successful launch event held as the clocks went back in 2016, the huge surge of interest in the project meant that the trustees had their work cut out as 2017 showed no sign of slowing down, in fact, the complete opposite. Below, is an extract from the recent newsletter published to all members of the Supporters’ Club just before Christmas, it is a roundup of many of the signifiant events of 2017, there is plenty more that has happened, but it can’t all be written about!

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