Feb 04

2019 rebuild overview

Fig 2The year 2019 was a significant year for the project and for the Hawker Typhoon and her crews. Seventy-two years since the last flight, seventy-five years since D-Day and RB396’s first flight a few months later, and seventy-nine years since the first flight of a Typhoon the rebuild of a genuine combat veteran began and for the first time, a Hawker Typhoon MkIb appeared on the CAA register, as G-TIFY (RB396).

An initial £10,000 deposit with Airframe Assemblies (AA) meant that as soon as registration was completed work could commence, however, the engineers at AA took the decision to remove one of RB396’s skins so that an assessment of condition could be made without affecting the registration progress. There have been (and will continue to be) many firsts for the Typhoon and the removal of a completed skin from the rear fuselage was perhaps the first time that this has ever been done.

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Jan 21

George Wood

George WoodWe are most saddened to announce the passing of the Rev. George Wood, who passed away on Tuesday 21st January 2020 at his care home in East Sussex. George was a Whirlwind and Typhoon pilot during WWII, surviving being ejected from an exploding aircraft, before evading capture and returning to the UK with the help of the French Resistance. After the hostilities he became a clergyman. George was an avid supporter of the project to rebuild Hawker Typhoon RB396. He attended the public launch event in 2016 and has been a loyal attendee on a number of occasions, always on fine form and on one occasion he “blessed” the aircraft for us. He will be missed by all on the team.

Our full obituary for the Rev. George Wood is available here.


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Jan 04

January Sale Now On!

january-sale2020 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group on the road to RB396’s return to flight.

To kick the new year off in style, we have decided to hold our very first Webshop sale. The full range of RB396 products, with the exception of the Membership to the RB396 Supporters’ Club (which is already a bargain), will be eligible for a 15% discount* when you spend a minimum of £30 and use the code ‘JAN2020’ at checkout (see below for full usage instructions and restrictions).




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Dec 06

Rebuild Progress December 2019

Paint AnalysisSomething that makes RB396 very rare (apart from a genuine combat veteran of course) is that she still retains her original 2nd Tactical Air Force paint scheme and coding. Shortly after the strip down began Chris at Airframe Assemblies got in touch to ask ‘what colour do you want the frames to be painted’? A good question, what was the original colour code?

This of course wasn’t entirely clear. The frames had received several layers but one of the plates from Frame A showed a complete example of the factory finish. It seemed at first glance to be a colour that had not been used in recent rebuilds, so to be accurate it would have to be tested.
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Nov 15

Team visit to Airframe Assemblies

IOW AA 1Almost exactly 75 years on from the first flight of RB396 four HPTG volunteer team members visited Airframe Assemblies (AA) on the Isle Of Wight, to see for themselves the progress with the rear fuselage refurbishment. The crossing across the Solent was very kindly provided free of charge by Wightlink Isle Of Wight Ferries; thanks to Ms Lisa Thurbon of Wightlink. Hosted by Chris Michel the team were shown around the impressive workshop and of particular note was how friendly and professional all of the workers are. Whilst there were many aircraft structural assemblies to distract the team, they particularly focussed on the work carried out to date on the rear fuselage of RB396.

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Nov 15

Rebuild Progress November 2019

Stringers clipped into positionSince our six month progress update the rebuild at Airframe Assemblies has been continuing. We are really pleased to be able to bring you some more detail of that work, highlighting what the hard working and dedicated team of volunteers, raising the funds required for the rebuild, has been able to achieve.


In the last two weeks work has been progressing on the ‘stringers’. As highlighted in October the rear monocoque of a Typhoon is made up of a series of sheet metal frames which are covered by long curved sheet metal panels (skins) which are stiffened by stringers that run the entire length of the monocoque, some of which are in excess of 8 feet.

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Nov 03

Six month progress update

DSC_8679After a lot of hard work by the trustees and dedicated volunteers, May 2019 saw Airframe Assemblies (AA) contracted to rebuild RB396’s rear fuselage. The results of the preliminary inspection carried out by AA were very positive and they indicated that as much as 60% of the original internal structure would be suitable for rebuild rather than replacement, their remit to use as much of RB396’s structure as safely possible.

At this stage RB396 was not registered with the CAA which caused a little delay, AA were not able to begin work in earnest until this happened. They were able to remove the first skin to carry out the assessment without impacting the CAA’s requirements and so for the first time since the Typhoon was withdrawn from service work to airworthy status had begun.

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Oct 27

Members’ Day and fundraising total

MNM_4337The last Sunday in October is always the RB396 Supporters’ Club Members’ Day. Why? Because it was on this weekend in 2016 that the project was officially launched to the public at the Boultbee Flight Academy Hangar, and the Supporters’ Club founded by raffling off the first membership number. Now, three years on, the project is in its own premises, fully established, with a Supporters’ Club membership of over 1200, and growing, with that first membership number winner now a volunteer on the team. The rebuild has commenced, and fundraising continues, along with a lot of hard work from the expanding all volunteer team.

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Oct 11

Rebuild Progress October 2019

rb2The rebuild is moving along at a very steady pace, and this month we are delighted to bring you some more details of that work, which has been taking place since mid summer.
The rear fuselage is made up of a series of sheet metal frames which are covered by long curved sheet metal panels. The skins are stiffened by ‘stringers’ that run the length, some over 8 feet long. These are rolled ‘top hat’ section (Hawker A.std 1067) made from 22swg light alloy and attached to the skin panels by 1/8” countersink rivets.

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Jul 29

First progress shots

rb2The Crowdfunder campaign, which reached its successful conclusion in April, enabled to project to take the first major step in the physical rebuild of RB396. Announced on the website in May, the rear fuselage of RB396 was transported to the Airframe Assemblies (AA) on the Isle of Wight, so that work could commence.

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