Minor setback

The project was dealt a blow this afternoon. We received a phone call from the Estate Agent regarding the commercial property that we were hoping to move in to very soon. We are/were three weeks into the legal proceedings, yet today we were informed that the landlord has “done a deal” with a tenant of his, who rents the adjacent unit.

This puts us back a step regarding the home we were hoping to establish in the coming weeks, but have no fear. As a team we are strong, in less than 5 months we have established a Supporters’ Club approaching 300 in numbers, and have a total following of over 18k across social media. We will not let this minor setback knock us down just yet and we will get right back to business with regard to finding a suitable unit that can serve as our home until the main Heritage Centre is planned, designed and built.

Remember this project has been going, in one way or another for 17 years, yet only in the last 2 has momentum and support reached the level where we can even be considering renting a unit in which to exhibit the aircraft, RB396, all together, along with the many other parts that will aid the restoration. This location will also serve as a visitor centre and hub for Supporters’ Club activities and events, until we move in to our purpose built Heritage Centre.

Luckily, our own solicitors have been decent in this situation and have not charged us for any of the work they have completed so far, if only all parties were as decent as that.

So, back to the drawing board, onwards and upwards, and you know what they say, “every cloud”……


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