Supporters’ Club 1000th member

The Supporters’ Club, which was launched on 29th October 2016, recently passed its 1,000th member. In less than two years, it is a huge achievement for the project, to have passed 1,000 total members. Since the launch event, in 2016, the Supporters’ Club has gone from strength to strength which is exactly what the project has done.

The Supporters’ Club was set up, in order to give individuals who wished to get behind the project an avenue by which to do that. For either an Annual or Lifetime subscription, for an individual or a family, the member will receive a number of benefits. Those benefits are physical such as the membership card and badge, that come in a high quality membership pack, along with quarterly eNewsletters, bulletins and also the opportunity to volunteer on the project.

Volunteering is one of the key aspects of the Supporters’ Club. All members of the team who volunteer, in any aspect, all come from within the Supporters’ Club, it is a pre-requisite to working on the project. All volunteers who you might meet at Open Days, air shows, talks or at the base are all members of the Supporters’ Club. Vacancies or opportunities to volunteer are posted to members via the eNewsletter as and when they become a requirement. The place to see all opportunities, if you are not already a member, is to join the club and to get involved.

Membership to the “Annual 2018” Supporters’ Club is currently closed, but it will re-open on the 21st September with the “Dual 2018/2019” membership, which will allow membership for the remainder of 2018 and all of 2019, for only £5 extra, £30. The annual Supporters’ Club membership normally runs from 1st Jan – 31st Dec in that year. The Lifetime membership runs for life, from the date of subscription. All membership details can be found in the “membership” section of our website, or by clicking here.


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Would you like to have a direct input on the rebuild? The best way to get started is to become a supporter. You’ll receive some great benefits and most importantly of all, every penny will go into the labour cost of getting RB396 back into the sky.