Supporters get the best view

We believe that one of the great benefits of being a supporter of the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group is the opportunity to view RB396 as it progresses through its rebuild.

Over the last few months, about thirty of our supporters have done just that, being escorted to Airframe Assemblies on the Isle of Wight by a member of our team. Not only did they get an opportunity to view the rebuild up close, but they also heard details of the progress from Paul Culshaw, one of the team working on the airframe.

Paul often mentions the graves of two Typhoon pilots that can be found on the island. Pilot Officers George Rendle and Cecil Leitch met their fate in June 1944, ditching in the sea following raids over Normandy. George was 24 and came from Victoria in Australia; Cecil was 22 and was from Ontario in Canada. It is a poignant reminder as to why we are doing this – those pilots and their colleagues in the Typhoon squadrons should have a fitting memorial.

Seeing RB396 in the flesh brings home the progress made and the hard work still ahead. It’s going to be a long road, but the enthusiasm we see in our supporters during these visits helps to drive us on. Equally, we believe the supporters who visit the aircraft, leave more determined than ever to help bring this aircraft back to life. Together, we can do this!

If you are not a supporter and would like an opportunity to see the rebuild in progress in the future, you know what to do – sign up here!

For more information on the progress of the rebuild see our earlier post, Rebuild Progressing



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