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Warbird RB396 by Neil Hipkiss

To help raise funds for the restoration of Hawker Typhoon RB396, award-winning aviation artist Neil Hipkiss, who is also a lifetime member of the Hawker Typhoon RB396 Supporters’ Club, has produced a detailed painting depicting ‘RB’ as she would have looked during her wartime service. The original oil painting is produced on a 42″ x 28″ canvas and is highly detailed, with the painting process taking over 200 hours in addition to research and planning. The precise details were researched with the assistance of the HTPG and Typhoon expert Chris Thomas.


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Initially, RB396 was delivered to 174 ‘Mauritius’ Squadron wearing the standard markings of the time; standard camouflage with codes ‘XP-W’, sky coloured spinner and rear fuselage band, with invasion stripes to the lower rear section of the fuselage. The airframe being a late production Typhoon MkIB with a four-blade propeller, larger Tempest type rear stabilisers and Mk.III aluminium RP rails.

Following a directive issued on 2nd January 1945, all 2nd TAF aircraft had the spinners repainted Night black, the Sky rear fuselage band overpainted with appropriate camouflage, the remnant invasion stripes removed and all roundels amended to National Marking III (Type-C1) configuration. RB396 would have worn this scheme for the majority of its service life and its final flight, so this scheme was chosen for the painting. A close inspection of the painting will reveal a slight variation in colour to indicate where the rear sky band was painted over. The preservation group also made contact with RB’s regular wartime pilot Frank Johnson in Canada who informed them that his wife’s name ‘Sheila’ had been painted on the nose of the aircraft. No photographs exist of this so a few mock-ups of ‘Sheila’ were produced based on the size, style, colour and location provided by Frank. These were shown to Frank who was able to confirm the details. Sadly Frank Johnson passed away prior to the painting being fully complete. A generic background scene was chosen for the painting to highlight the highly hazardous type of low-level operations undertaken by all Typhoon squadrons.

A unique opportunity to purchase one of just 396 Limited edition fine art Giclee prints (size 25″x19″) of this incredible painting priced at just £95 each when collected at an open day or £99 delivered, all proceeds helping to fund the restoration project.

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