Silver package

Silver is for those in a position to contribute £396 (£10 per month).Your subscription helps the project raise the funds required for the rebuild effort amd will have a direct impact on the most important aircraft restoration in the world today and be a part of something truly unique.

Contribute a single donation, of the minimum amount, to become a Lifetime supporter or by monthly direct debit to become a Recurring monthly supporter to receive the benefits below, while payment continues to be made by Direct Debit.

Whilst this is an individual support package, we will be delighted to welcome your family members (partner and children) at events we will be running as part of your defined benefits.

Silver Lifetime (including active recurring supporter) benefits

  • Quarterly eNewsletter, featuring progress on the project and information not widely available
  • Behind the scenes access to RB396, her team and crews
  • Access to supporter only events and visits
  • Advance notice and priority on future events


Silver Lifetime (including completed/expired recurring supporter) benefits

  • Lapel badge (multiple, as required, for family)


Sign up to the Silver package

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