The Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group, 1167143, has been established with the following purpose:

  1. To preserve and protect a Napier Sabre powered Hawker Typhoon MkIb aircraft (RB396) and return her to full working order for the benefit of the public and to demonstrate and display her to the public.
  2. To advance the education of the public in Hawker Typhoon aircraft and their crews for the benefit of British Heritage, remembrance and historical knowledge and in particular:
    a. Its associated provenance and historical context,
    b. Its aviation and engineering heritage,
    c. Its significant heritage interest,
    d. Its operational and maintenance procedures and processes,
    e. Its design, engineering and technologies.

You can read about us on the charity commission site here:…/CharityFramework.asp…


Project Background

In 1999 Dave Robinson, project founder, moved to a house in Lichfield. It was here that he discovered that it was a former Maintenance Unit (MU) and almost every RAF Hawker Typhoon passed through this location on its way to a squadron. Having not heard much about the Typhoon, Dave set about researching the aircraft …

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Anna Delivery Flight Smaller

RB396’s History

During the early days of the project the only history we were able to confirm was the delivery to 51 Maintenance Unit (RAF Lichfield) on 23-November-1944 and the subsequent force landing on 1-April 1945 by F/L Chris House. With the help of historians, authors, family members and museum archives over the last 2 years our …

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RB396’s Journey

RB396 formed part of an order for 255 Typhoon 1Bs against contract ACFT/943/C.23(a) to be built by Gloster Aircraft Co, Hucclecote. The aircraft were allocated RAF serials RB192-RB235, RB248-RB289, RB303-RB347, RB361-RB408, RB423-RB459 and RB474-RB512. Delivered to 51 Maintenance Unit (MU), RAF Lichfield on 23rd Nov 1944 and then prepared for operational use by 84 GSU …

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About the Typhoon

In January 1938 following meetings between Hawker Aircraft and the Air Ministry, and just two months after the debut of the first production Hurricane, Hawker Aircraft received details of specification F.18/37. This called for a large single-seat fighter offering a performance at least 20 per cent higher than that of the Hurricane and achieving this …

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